DUIs in the news

Here are some recent notable DUI stories:

Former Packer TE Colt Lyerla was arrested in Washington for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.

Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera was arrested in California for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Former “Partridge Family” star David Cassidy plead guilty to misdemeanor DWI (which had been reduced from felony DUI) in upstate New York.  He was sentenced to community service and alcohol treatment.

A woman who had just been sentenced to probation for an aggravated DUI allegedly drove while intoxicated and struck an Illinois State Trooper who was on the shoulder of I-294.  The woman then attempted to leave the scene and then hit an SUV, causing it to flip over, injuring seven passengers. She is now charged with multiple counts of aggravated DUI and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident.

An Ohio judge, who is known for conducting DUI trials at a high school as a warning to students not to drink and drive, was arrested for DUI.  I am concerned to hear about this judge’s practice of holding trials to demonstrate the evils of drunk driving.  This implies to me that the judge has already made up his mind before the trial.  I doubt he would want to find someone not guilty in that environment, lest he might be teaching the kids that it is okay to drink and drive so long as you are not impaired.  Hopefully he learns a lesson about how important it is to have an impartial trial instead of a show trial.

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