The Chicago Bar Association’s ratings for the upcoming judicial elections have been released

I am a member of the Chicago Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Committee.  The chair of the Committee sent the following email, which I am reposting with his permission:

“The Chicago Bar Association Judicial Evaluation results for the November election have been released.  The results are available by clicking on the link:

You can then click on the Green Guide that gives the rating and the writeup on each judicial candidate (retention and nonretention) on the November ballot.

You can also click on the Pocket Guide that gives the rating of each judicial candidate on the November ballot.

You can bring your smart phone into the voting booth with you.  Or you can print out the pocket guide and bring it with you when you vote.

Of the 73 retention candidates, 72 were found qualified, one was found not recommended (Judge Thomas E. Flanagan)–Vote Ballot position # 203 to Vote “NO” for Judge Flanagan.

In the 12th Subcircuit race, Vote “Yes” for James L. Kaplan.  Vote Ballot position # 80 to Vote for candidate James L. Kaplan (rather than his not recommended opponent).  [This is the only contested nonretention election in which there is a qualified candidate running against a not recommended candidate.]

Election Day is November 4, 2014.  Early voting starts October 20, 2014 and ends November 2, 2014.”

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