Court guard arrested for stealing $100 from person going through security checkpoint

mcclainFrom the Chicago Tribune, story by Dan Hinkel:

A security guard at the Lake County Courthouse has been charged with stealing about $100 from a court visitor who was going through a security checkpoint on his way into the building, authorities said.

Nikita McClain, 27, of Waukegan, was arrested at the courthouse Wednesday, the day after the alleged theft, and she was freed after posting $150 bail, said Sgt. Sara Balmes of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. McClain is charged with theft of less than $500, Balmes said.

McClain has been fired from the private security company that employs the people who check courthouse visitors on the way into the building, Chief John Byrne said. Sheriff’s deputies patrol courtrooms, hallways and other parts of the building.

A courthouse visitor complained of missing the money after passing through the entrance Tuesday afternoon, Balmes said. Visitors have to remove items from their pockets on the way through metal detectors. The man put about $100 in a bin, but the money was missing when he got through the checkpoint, Byrne said.

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