KY Police Chief gets DUI after passing out at Taco Bell Drive-Thru, but don’t worry, he says he won’t do it again

The “I won’t do it again, let’s move on” defense usually doesn’t work for my clients, but a Kentucky police chief is hoping it will work in the court of public opinion, even if it is not successful in criminal court.


Cited for drunken driving in Hazard over the weekend, Whitesburg police Chief Tyrone Fields said Monday that he had learned from the experience.

Fields, who has been police chief in Whitesburg since 2011, acknowledged the arrest during a phone interview.

“It’s very unfortunate, but I’ve learned from it,” Fields said. “Just never do it again, pick up the pieces and move on.”

Hazard police Chief Minor Allen said Fields was cited for driving under the influence after Hazard officers received a call about 1 a.m. Sunday that someone had passed out in the drive-through of a Taco Bell restaurant.

Allen said an officer went to the restaurant, found the person and became concerned when the man couldn’t be awakened. The officer summoned an ambulance, Allen said.

Fields was taken to Hazard Regional Region Healthcare, according to published reports.

Fields said Monday that he was taken to the hospital for a blood test, not because of his condition.

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