Off-Duty Chicago Cop tries to get out of DUI by shooting at suburban officer making traffic stop

We have seen a few examples of police officers being accused of driving while intoxicated, so while that is disappointing, it is not surprising.  I have even represented one of them recently (and he was found not guilty).

But to hear that an officer drove off after being stopped is a whole other thing.

And that after being stopped, the off-duty cop started firing at a suburban police officer, puts it on a whole new level.

From the Sun-Times:

An off-duty Chicago Police officer has been stripped of his arrest powers after he allegedly fired multiple times at an off-duty suburban cop who tried to pull him over after suspecting he was driving drunk, law enforcement sources said Monday.

No one was hit by the gunfire, which happened about 4 p.m. Sunday near the Chicago Police Department’s Marquette Park District station on the Southwest Side.

Charges are pending against the 52-year-old Chicago cop, who was assigned to the Marquette Park District.

“If the allegations are true, the actions and behavior demonstrated by this officer are beyond unacceptable, have absolutely no place in our department and he will be separated from CPD,” according to a statement from the Chicago Police Department.

The off-duty Chicago cop was driving his personal vehicle with a fellow off-duty Chicago officer in the passenger seat when an off-duty Merrionette Park police officer pulled his vehicle behind them at 111th and Kedzie.

The Merrionette Park officer got out and showed his badge to get the off-duty officer out of his vehicle because he was allegedly driving erratically.

But the off-duty Chicago cop drove away. The Merrionette Park officer called 911 and followed the other vehicle. They stopped in the 1900 block of West Pryor near the Marquette Park station.

The Chicago cop is accused of exiting his vehicle with a gun in his hand and walking toward the Merrionette Park officer’s vehicle, sources said.

The Merrionette Park officer ducked and drove away as the off-duty Chicago cop allegedly fired his weapon at the fleeing vehicle about five times, sources said.

The Merrionette Park officer went inside the police station to report the incident and the off-duty Chicago cop allegedly left the scene.

The off-duty cop was later taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The Independent Police Review Authority is also investigating. The agency examines every reported discharge of a weapon by Chicago Police officers, a spokesman said.

How nice of the police to keep this officer’s name confidential in the press release.  Normally, they send out a press release with a mug shot when they have a routine DUI case.  Not this time.

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