Texas, Florida Judges in the news for their own DUI arrests

Here are two stories that I saw over the weekend about two out of state Judges who were arrested for DUI.  By the way, for anyone wondering whether or not you should agree to take a breath test when arrested for a DUI, please take note that both of these judges refused.

Questions are being asked about the dismissal of Texas Judge Nora Longoria’s DUI case.  According to reports, prosecutors thought the case was too weak to prosecute, so they dropped it.  They made this decision before they had obtained the officer’s dash cam video, which I am embedding above.  Why did prosecutors rush to drop this case until they had all the evidence?  Didn’t the arrest reports indicate that the Judge was wobbling and unable to walk straight?  I wish all my clients were treated so generously.

Meanwhile, Florida Judge Cynthia Imperato is scheduled to have her DUI trial next week, beginning December 16th.  I have embedded her arrest video above.

Last week, a judge denied her motion to keep her position as a judge out of evidence from the jury, despite her attorney’s concern that “many citizens hold judges and attorneys to a higher standard, viewing them as officers of the court, expecting that they should not disobey the law.”  Personally, I agree with her attorney, and I don’t believe that the probative value of her position as a judge is outweighed by the prejudice that she may face if held to a higher standard than anyone else.

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