Making it Easy: Man arrested for DUI after driving to police station to bail friend

From the Chicago Tribune (reporting by Carrie Napoleon):

A Merrillville man is facing alcohol-related charges after he tried to bail a friend who was arrested by Crown Point Police on drunken driving charges.

Brendon L. Luker, 27, of Merrillville, pulled into the parking lot of the Crown Point Police station at about 1:30 a.m. March 16 while Crown Point Police Officer Travis Thomas was completing paperwork, according to Assistant Police Chief James Janda.

Thomas saw Luker on the security camera pull into the parking lot and walk into the lobby of the police station, he said. As he was attempting to post bond for his friend, the dispatcher called Thomas to let him know the man in the station appeared intoxicated.

When Thomas met Luker in the lobby, he noticed the man smelled of alcohol. Luker denied drinking but failed field sobriety tests. A portable breathe analyzer registered a .182 BAC, Janda said.

Luker was arrested for operating while intoxicated. A sober friend later bonded him out, Janda said.

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