“The Wire” and “Walking Dead” actor arrested for DUI, speeding 107 mph

gilliamFrom the Fayette County Citizen:

The cast member who plays Father Gabriel on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” was arrested in Peachtree City on May 3 for driving at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour on Ga. Highway 74.

Seth K. Gilliam, 46, was charged with speeding, reckless driving, DUI alcohol and misdemeanor marijuana, according to records.

Peachtree City police reports indicate that Gilliam was stopped on May 3 at approximately 2:12 a.m. after traveling approximately 107 miles per hour along Hwy. 74 at the intersection with Georgian Park. Gilliam was stopped by officers and taken into custody at the intersection of Senoia Road and Hwy. 74.

The police report stated that Gilliam applied the brakes prior to passing the officer and was still traveling at 107 miles per hour.

Officers at the scene reported smelling alcohol on Gilliam’s breath and finding a marijuana cigarette inside a cigarette pack in the arm rest of the door, according to reports.

Asked why he was driving at that rate of speed, Gilliam said he normally drove a Jeep and the Chevrolet he was driving was a rental vehicle and it was different, officers said.

Upon arriving at the Fayette County Jail, a field sobriety test was administered with Gilliam’s consent. Subsequent to the test Gilliam was charged with DUI alcohol after registering a blood alcohol reading of .107. Gilliam told officers he had consumed three beers and one shot of alcohol, the report said.

Gilliam plays Father Gabriel Stokes on The Walking Dead and has appeared in a number of movies and television productions, according to IMDb.com.

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