More Sporting World DUIs

I know, it has been a whole three days since I last updated you on the latest DUIs from the world of sports.  Why aren’t I keeping up?

Here goes:

Former Illini and Colt quarterback Jack Trudeau was arrested in Zionsville, Indiana for OWI, with a BAC of 0.31, public intoxication and intimidating an officer.

Former NFL running back Jason Snelling was arrested for DUI in Gwinnett, Georgia. He was found stopped in the middle of an intersection.  He has had previous arrests for driving without a license and possession of marijuana. He retired from the Atlanta Falcons in March of 2014.

Northern Illinois wide receiver Skyler Monaghan was arrested for DUI in Michigan after being stopped for speeding 93 mph in a 55 mph zone.  He had a BAC of 0.91.  He was also found to be in possession of a false ID. The false ID can be charged as a felony in Michigan.

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