Governor signs into law bill removing waiting period for DUI driving permits

Governor Rauner has signed into law a bill (SB 0627) which removes the “hard time” waiting periods before a motorist could apply for a DUI-related driving permit.

Effective January 1, 2016, the bill will remove the 30 day waiting period before a person could obtain a Monitored Device Driving Permit (“MDDP”) after getting a first offense DUI suspension for either failing or refusing a breath, blood or urine test.

The law also removes the one year waiting time for a person whose license has been revoked for DUI to apply for a Restricted Driving Permit, and the three year wait for a person who has a summary suspension for a second offense refusal..

In addition, the law will require DUI arrestees to sign a form acknowledging that they have been warned of the license suspension consequences for either failing or refusing to take a breath test.  This is an advantage for prosecutors, who routinely lose suspension hearings on this issue when officer can’t make it to court and the defendant is able to testify that he or she wasn’t warned.

Overall, this law is a big win for both defendants and the public.  With the advent of breath interlock devices, there is no compelling reason to make people wait to obtain a driving permit when there is technology out there that will prevent them from driving drunk.

2 thoughts on “Governor signs into law bill removing waiting period for DUI driving permits

  1. To whom it may concern, my name is jose l. Lopez and i live in dixon,ill 61021. I got a d.u.i. back in 1989 and they are still revoked up to 2016. Mr. Jesse white office is still wont let sign up to get a permit to drive. I quit drinking when i got my d.u.i. im married for 23 years and my wife doesnt allow my to drink. We have a 5 year old son that started kindygarden and he needs me to drive him to school and go on field trips to. I also need to drive to doctors appiontments and family to. I have called springfield and they told me i cant have my permit to drive. They keep telling me. That i dont qualitfy to drive that gov. Bruce rauner sign the bill. I paid all my finds and did all my classes to. Im on a low income bases and i cant afford a attony. Please i need our help. Thank you jose l. Lopez

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