City of Chicago to offer amnesty and new payment plans for old parking and red light citations

I am posting this story to spread the word for people who have suspended driver’s licenses due to unpaid tickets.  (I don’t represent people seeking to clear parking or red light tickets from their record or trying to work out payment plans, so please don’t contact me about doing that).

From a story by John Byrne in the Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is … offering an amnesty program for people who have unpaid tickets and back taxes they owe the city.

Under the program announced Friday, people or businesses with parking tickets and other vehicle violations, back taxes, and other fines or fees issued before 2012 would be eligible for amnesty.

Emanuel’s office did not give specifics on how much of a break applicants would get on the late fees and fines that have added on to their unpaid debts. The city has offered several past traffic ticket amnesty programs, so it isn’t clear how much money such a program will raise to help reduce a property tax increase of between $450 million and $550 million that Emanuel is expected to call for under the budget…

The mayor’s office said Friday that the city also plans to give motorists payment plan options to try to help them start paying for vehicle tickets before late fees accrue.

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