Buffalo Bills rookie RB arrested for DUI


From ESPN.com:

Running back Jonathan Williams, the fifth-round selection of the Buffalo Billsin this year’s draft, was arrested early Thursday morning on misdemeanor charges of driving while intoxicated and violation of implied consent.

According to the police report, the 22-year-old Williams was pulled over after he was seen weaving in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He was booked into the Washington County Detention Center at 3:20 a.m. and released around 5:30 a.m. Thursday.

Williams, who declined to give a breath sample on advice from his agent, told officers that he had one beer at 7 p.m. Wednesday night, but had watery eyes, slurred speech and had a “strong odor of intoxicants” and “swaying balance” during standard field sobriety tests, according to the police report.

The 10th-leading rusher in Arkansas history, Williams missed the 2015 season after suffering a torn ligament in his foot during practice last August. He led the Razorbacks in 2014 with 1,190 rushing yards last season and finished his college career with 2,321 yards rushing and 22 total touchdowns in 36 career games.

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