Texas DWI prosecutor arrested for DWI


Contrary to public perception, DUI is a very common-place criminal offense.  It is committed by all sorts of people, people who give a lot to their community and are accomplished in their professional lives.

Sometimes it is because the person drank a little more than he or she should have. Sometimes, they aren’t impaired but had the misfortune to get pulled over by a zealous police officer trying to make a quota.

So I was not surprised to read about a Texas DWI prosecutor who was arrested for the same offense that she prosecutes every day.

Please keep in mind that no facts about her case have been released yet, and she is presumed innocent. At a minimum, she will gain some perspective on what it is like to have one’s life upended by an arrest and to have to go through the judicial system as a defendant.

From WacoTrib.com:

An assistant McLennan County district attorney who prosecutes DWI cases was arrested early Saturday morning on a charge of suspicion of driving while intoxicated, jail records indicate.

Kristen Parker, 27, was arrested by a Baylor University police officer Saturday morning before she was booked into the McLennan County Jail a little before 4:45 a.m., authorities said. Parker was released later Saturday after posting a $1,000 surety bond.

Parker joined the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office about a year ago. She is typically responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor DWI cases.

Parker is a 2010 Vanderbilt University graduate and got her law degree from Baylor Law School in 2014, according to her LinkedIn page.


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