Update: FL Lawyers Disbarred for setting up opposing counsel for DUI arrest

This is a follow-up for a story that I have been blogging about for three and a half years.  Click here to read the original post.  The summary version is that a law firm set up their opposing counsel, in the middle of a high profile trial, to get arrested for DUI.  The DUI case against the attorney was later dropped.

Now, the attorneys who masterminded this stunt have been disbarred.  Here is the story from News 4 Jacksonville:

Describing the misconduct as “essentially unprecedented,” the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that two attorneys should be permanently disbarred for their roles in setting up the drunken-driving arrest of an opposing lawyer during a high-profile case.

Justices unanimously supported the disbarment of Robert D. Adams and Adam Robert Filthaut, who were with the Tampa firm Adams & Diaco, P.A. in January 2013 when the bizarre series of events occurred.

At that time, Adams & Diaco was defending radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge Clem in a defamation lawsuit filed by another radio personality, Todd Schnitt. Adams, Filthaut and a third member of the firm, Stephen Christopher Diaco, took part in a scheme to set up a DUI arrest of one of Schnitt’s lawyers, Phillip Campbell, according to the Supreme Court.

“The misconduct giving rise to the disciplinary actions against these three attorneys is among the most shocking, unethical, and unprofessional as has ever been brought before this (Supreme) Court,” the 13-page ruling said.

Diaco agreed earlier to disbarment, according to the ruling.

The set-up took place on Jan. 23, 2013, as the civil lawsuit involving the radio personalities was in recess for the night. Campbell and his co-counsel in the case had walked to Malio’s Steakhouse in Tampa for dinner and drinks and were spotted by a paralegal who worked for Adams & Diaco.

The paralegal, Melissa Personius, contacted Adams about Campbell being in the restaurant and ultimately had drinks with Campbell at the bar without telling him that she worked for Adams & Diaco, the Supreme Court ruling said. Filthaut, meanwhile, called a friend, then-Tampa police Sgt. Raymond Fernandez and told him Campbell was drinking at Malio’s and might drive while intoxicated.

Later in the evening, with Campbell planning to walk to his home a few blocks away, he offered to call a cab for Personius. Personius refused to leave her car overnight in valet parking and insisted it be moved to a secure parking lot, the ruling said. Campbell agreed to move the car to a lot near his apartment building and was pulled over by Fernandez and subsequently charged with DUI. Also, Campbell’s bag containing trial information was left in Personius’ car.

“The next day, Stephen Diaco made several statements to the media about the DUI of his opposing counsel Campbell, how the arrest caused the trial to be continued, and how Campbell’s behavior was a mockery of the judicial system and an embarrassment to Diaco as an attorney,” the ruling said.

Read the full story here:  http://www.news4jax.com/digital-life-365/legal-news/lawyers-disbarred-over-shocking-dui-set-up

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