Bat-Shame! Man in Batman costume arrested for DUI

Just because you dress like Batman doesn’t mean you are Batman.  Readers of a certain vintage (like me) remember the Adam West Batman only drinking milk.

From KXRO:

The Aberdeen Police Department tells KXRO that on Sunday just after 1:00 am in the morning officers made a traffic stop on a suspect wearing a Batman costume for suspected DUI.

Police say the suspect later explained that he was wearing the Batman costume because he was at a Halloween costume party at the Elks Lodge.

The officer started following the suspect at Boone and Cushing in South Aberdeen and the suspect was stopped in downtown Aberdeen.

A warrants check revealed an outstanding warrant that was confirmed.

A field sobriety test was done and the man was arrested for DUI and the warrant.

He was booked into the Aberdeen Jail without incident.

Aberdeen Police also say that about two minutes later there was a report of an assault at the Elks Lodge.

The victim stated that he was assaulted by a man in a Batman costume, who then took off.

The victim was given a ride to the hospital to be seen for his injuries.

The Aberdeen Police Department is still investigating to see if these calls are related and if the DUI Batman is the same Batman from the assault case at the Elks.